This is a compendium of free, Full-text and scientifically controlled Geography database hosted by the Directory of Open Source Journal. This database contains about 107 different Journals covering different aspects of Geography. Some of the embedded Journals contained in this Journals are: ACME (An Internal E-Journal for Critical Geographies; ActaGeographicaSlovenica; AnaleleUniversitatiiBucuresti: Geography Series; Applied Geographic Information System; Bulletin of Geography-Physical Geography Series; European Journal of Remote Sensing; Human Geographies-Journal of Studies and Research in Human Geography; Global Positioning and Navigation etc.




This Journal hosted by Directory of Open Source Journal contains about thirty (30) different Journals covering various aspects of meteorology and Climatology. These areas covered includes: Atmospheric and Climate sciences, advances in Meteorology, Atmospheric Measuring Techniques, and Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Carbon Balance Management, Atmospheric Pollution Research, E-Journals Severe Storms Meterology, Journals of Modeling Earth Systems, Journal of Lightning Research  etc.




There are about thirty-two different Journals contained in this subject area. It covers areas such as Marine animals and their ecology, Ocean Science, Aquatic Science, Cryosphere, Life and Marine Sciences and so on.




E-Books Directory is a free web resource which contains links to free downloadable e-books, technical papers, documents, as well as user contributed content, articles, reviews and comments. E-Books Directory is a service to students, researchers and e-book lovers. There are about twelve different textbooks here covering areas like Mathematical Geography, Modern geography, Antarctica: a journey of discovery, Fundamentals of Physical Geography, a gentle Introduction to GIS, an outline of American Geography etc.