About The Library

Last Updated: Tuesday, 21 July 2015

About The Library

The AUN Library now known as the Digital Services was established along with the University in 2005. The mission of the library is to support and advance learning and research by acquiring and facilitating access to scholarly information resources.

AUN library reflects the complete world of scholarship and information through the acquisition, dissemination, and preservation of information in all formats. The Library has over 25000 print collections, which is a negligible fraction of its 99.9 electronic resources.

The award winning library of both local and international is located on the main Campus in a state- of –the- art building known as Robert A. Pastor Library and E-learning Center. The Digital Services offers facilities for students to conduct research, study, and work in small groups.  It has a seating capacity of over one thousand, a modern Lecture Hall with 250 seats capacity, 18 classes, two conference rooms, and 19 study rooms.

The library leverage on the Campus 24/7 Wireless internet service and constant electricity to provide services for the students, faculty and staff of the University.  The library also provides desktops PC’s and other digital devices for the general use of the patrons.

The library has three floors. The first floor houses the Information Desk/library reception, the 24/7 hrs section that is open 24/7 for students to read and study, The Atiku Center for Leadership-Entrepreneurship-Development, Academic Advising, and Tutoring Learning Center.

The Digital Services Department collections are mostly on-line and the services are mostly provided digitally. The Digital Services unit has three Units that is supporting and advancing the research and instructional needs of the AUN community by facilitating access to scholarly information resources.

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