This site by physicist StanislavSykoraaim provides free online texts, theses, and course materials on the subjects of magnetic resonance (MR), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), nuclear-magnetic resonance (NMR) and other related topics. 
This is a database collection of reviewed articles across all branches of physics containing latest publications by year.
This physics teaching resource sites from University of Minnesota's Physics Education Research Group is a rich source for resources on linear kinematics problems, force problems, conservation problems and others.
The Physics Education Technology (PhET) site features many well-designed and engaging physics and chemistry simulations for use in the classroom. It also offers fifteen simulations, which cover projectile motion, salts & solubility, wave interference, and other related areas.
Access to this site is provided by the physics department at North Carolina State University. This list of online physics demonstration manualscontains 28 online demonstration manuals as well as demonstrations bibliography that contains over 7500 references.
Open access database managed by the Cornell University includes abstracts and full access to recent articles by date.
It is an automated electronic archive and distribution server for research articles by arxiv with contributions from other member institutions.
American Institute of Physics Resources