Created to complement a recent chemistry textbook authored by NivaldoTro. The site includes interactive media activities, self-quizzes, and a collection of external links.


The site contains interactive 3D graphics displays of various crystalline minerals. These colorful and inviting displays can be explored fairly easily, and they are designed to give users a clear understanding of the relationships between the unit cell and its parts.


The videos on this site demonstrate a variety of techniques that are commonly used in laboratory settings. There are a dozen videos here, and they include "Filtration", "Reflux", "Distillation", and "Using a Separator Funnel".


The resources on this site cover atomic structure, quantum mechanics, atomic size, bonding, and several dozen additional topics. The resources include labs, assignments, worksheets, and handouts.


This animation site provided by The University of Liverpool covers cyclo additions, conjugate addition, and twelve other areas of organic chemistry.