Computer Science

WordPress is a free web software that you can use to create beautiful websites or blogs. The WordPress site contains extensive documentation, and is compatible with computers running Windows 95 and newer.
Computing Research Repository (CoRR) is a computer science database which allows researchers to search, browse and download papers through its online repository. CoRR is available to all members of the community at no charge.
PeerJ Computer Science is the new open access journal covering all subject areas in computer science with full and unrestricted access to peer-reviewed articles in software-engineering, computer education, data science and related subject areas.
Vietnam Journal of Computer Science is a peer-reviewed open access journal published under the brand of SpringerOpen. It covers topics like computer systems organization and communication networks, artificial intelligence information systems and communication service, computational intelligence, etc.
Computer science journal which publish high quality papers covering various aspects of theories and practical applications related to human-centric computing and information sciences.