It offers some academic peer reviewed journals with open access.
This gives you full and free access to educational information across Africa. It has a wide range of information about Africa curriculum reform, adult education, and early childhood education, Universities within Africa, women and girl child education, statistics among others.
Science teachers at high schools and colleges will be glad to learn about the wide range of materials on the subject of evolution that are available on this very fine website. The site is maintained by the National Academies, and the resources here are divided into sections that include "Reports", "Statements", "Research Papers on Evolution", and "Academies' Articles". In the "Reports" area, visitors will find a handful of full-length topical reports that deal with evolution in Hawaii and the very popular, "Teaching About Evolution and the Nature of Science".
This is scholarly / peer-reviewed accredited Journal that seek to contribute to the challenges facing primary, secondary and higher education on the African continent as well as in broader international and global contexts.
Critical Studies in Teaching and Learning is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes scholarly articles and essays that make marked contributions to the scholarship of teaching and learning in higher education.