Educational Technology

Multidisciplinary refereed journal devoted to disseminating rigorous research on all aspects of the use of technology to enhance learning.
The Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology is a peer-reviewed journal that covers various aspects of educational technology and learning. Areas covered include learning theory and technology, cognition and technology, instructional design theory and application, online learning, computer applications in education, simulations and gaming, and other aspects of the use of technology in the learning process.

Contemporary Educational Technology is a scholarly international journal focusing on theory, research, and development in the field of educational technology.
Open scholarly journal by Springer. It informs readers about the latest developments in the application of information technologies (ITs) in higher education learning, training, research and management.
Educational Technology & Society seeks academic articles on the issues affecting the developers of educational systems and educators who implement and manage such systems.
The scope of the journal is very broad and the topics considered to be within the scope of the journal include Architectures for Educational Technology Systems, Computer-Mediated Communication, Cooperative/Collaborative Learning and Environments, Cultural Issues in Educational System development, Didactic/Pedagogical Issues and Teaching/Learning Strategies, Distance Education/Learning, Distance Learning Systems, Distributed Learning Environments, Educational Multimedia, Evaluation, Human-Computer Interface (HCI) Issues, Hypermedia Systems/Applications, Intelligent Learning/Tutoring Environments, Interactive Learning Environments, Learning by Doing, Methodologies for Development of Educational Technology Systems, Multimedia Systems/Applications, Network-Based Learning Environments, Online Education, Simulations for Learning and  Web Based Instruction/Training
The International Journal of Modern Education and Computer Science (IJMECS) is publishing refereed, high quality original research papers in all areas of Education Technology and Computer Science. IJMECSis a peer reviewed journal and it is published quarterly by the MECS Publisher.