The Brown Archival & Manuscripts Collection Online (BAMCO) is a digital repository which contains documents related to many different subjects, including poetry, the history of Rhode Island, American political and diplomatic history, the history of science, and women's studies. This site provides users with finding aids for these various collections, along with digitized version of more than a dozen of said collections.
The Morgan Library in New York City presents a digital version of a slim (50 handwritten pages) bound volume of manuscripts and letters by Oscar Wilde. The volume has an interesting provenance, since it came to the Library through the family of Lord Alfred Douglas, Wilde's lover.
Poets House is an organization that focuses on modern poetry and is a "national poetry library and literary center that invites poets and the public to step into the living tradition
of poetry." The website of this New York-based treasure is now in Battery Park City, and houses a 50,000 volume poetry collection of varied media, including journals, audio, video, and digital media.
Functional Linguistics publishes scholarly articles and reviews in the broad area of functional studies. Its area of coverage includes: language and context, functional grammar, semantic variation, discourse analysis, multimodality, register and genre analysis, educational linguistics, etc.